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Qualitative Nursing Research Study Assignment

Qualitative Nursing Research Study Assignment
Select a qualitative nursing research study relevant to your clinical problem and complete the table provided. The research study is to have been published within the last 3 years and must be published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal or the study investigator(s) must be nurses. Reference your article in APA format below the table.
I have provided a discussion thread to make sure your article fits the criteria.
Qualitative Assignment Cite your article in APA frormat
Study Element Directions Response
Purpose of the study State the purpose of the study and identify the problem.
Literature Review Are articles relevant, previous studies and theories described? Are the references current? Describe the current knowledge (what is known and not known) about the research problem
Theoretical Framework Was a theoretical framework discussed?
Research Question Identify the research questions, or hypotheses.
Study Design Identify the specific design of the study.
Sample Describe the sample. How was the sample selected?
Setting Describe the setting
Data Collection How were the data collected? Was there data saturation?
Data Analysis How were the data analyzed?


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