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About one month ago, the CDC posted three documents for health care providers to help them begin planning a COVID-19 vaccination program. The plan was met with skepticism given that the stated “availability assumptions” put the plan in motion in late October, 2020 – just before the election and at a time that did not not align with anything medical professionals had stated with regard to the widespread availability of a vaccine.
Nonetheless, planning is good, and those three documents are available in “Print resources” in the menu on the left. They are also hyperlinked in this article which was written a few days after the CDC announced their plan:
After completing the readings for this week, examine the documents and then comment on them in terms of their adherence to plain language principles. Name the principles in your posting. In your analysis consider who is the likely reader(s)? How well do the documents anticipate and answer reader questions? How usable are the documents? Consider all aspects, from the word choice to document design and usability.
In addition, visit the CDC website and look up information about reopening schools and other school protocols. This is a matter of both readability and usability. How easily did you find the information? How effective was the writing and presentation of the information? What is done in accordance with PL principles? What can be improved? Think of other topics and count how many clicks it takes to find pertinent information.
Finally, what other comments or observations can you offer with regard to the coverage and content of COVID-19 on the CDC website?
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