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First, read “City of Women” in Week 7 Readings. Though the first reading is short, it’s dense. Read slowly to absorb what the author is saying. Then watch the brief video, “What Would a City Designed by Women Look Like?”
Part 1:
Explore the map in the article. Compare the map to the traditional subway map, which you’ll also find linked in your readings for today. For example, you might plan a route that you have taken before in NYC (or would like take) and compare the names on the original map and the new map. Or, pick a stop that seems interesting to you and compare the two names on both versions of the map for the stop–who is that person and what are they famous for? What did you find by making this comparison? How do you think your experience would be different if all the subway stops were named for famous women? What do you think is the point, for Rebecca Solnit, of designing a new map?  (100 words minimum)
Part 2:
Pick an idea from the video that shows how women experience space, or prioritize space, differently than men. Summarize the solution and reflect on what this idea shows us about sex/gender might affect our experiences of space. (50 words minimum)
Part 3:
Using the text (not the map) “City of Women” and the video, reflect on how these sources connect to ideas we’ve been discussing in class so far. For example, why does it matter who is involved in city-planning? How does city infrastructure affect our relationship with space/place? Who are cities built for? Why does street-naming (or any kind of naming) matter in a city? How should public space function? How does our positionality affect our experience of space? How are spaces socially- or culturally- produced? How do these spaces affect the way communities are built and the way they interact? (There are many more questions, this is just a brief list).  (100 words minimum)
Part 4:
Write a one sentence question that you want to discuss tomorrow (related to space and place).


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