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Religious Studies

Religious Studies.


You are a specialist in the history of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and have been asked to advise Secretary of State. The Secretary State is planning to visit the Middle East where he will meet with heads of various religious and political groups including Pope Francis, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Iraq Adil Abdul-Mahdi, among others. During his peace talks, the Secretary of State is considering leveraging the phrase “Abrahamic Religions” as a means of finding common ground for discussion and as an entryway into the similarities between the religions that can lead to lasting policies in order to promote peace. You have been asked to offer your expert opinion, using primary source information from the religious texts and traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, about whether or not “Abrahamic Religions” should be applied to these three faiths. Write a five-page report to the Secretary of State arguing your expert opinion concerning this phrase, supporting your argument by appealing to texts examined in this class and explaining how your conclusions relate to broader similarities and differences between the religions.

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Religious Studies


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