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This chapter talks about the major decisions people make in there working days involving the savings they have to put in place for their retirement and security when they will be no longer working for any organization or even their own enterprise.
According to a research conducted in the US, many American households spent more than they earned and borrowed more than they saved. In this chapter it is clear that majority of the employed society lack a good platform for saving their incomes and putting down a well resourceful retirement benefit plan. It is by this action that led to the famous Tony snow to resign at the age of 52 as the white house secretary in 2007.despite the good employment background, Tony snow retired without making any relevant saving for he ignored a retirement benefit plan. Actually he even confessed that he was too reluctant to get in on a 401(k).
The government has passed laws to encourage personal savings to make solvent the social security system by creating tax favoured savings account such as IRAS and 401(k)s. despite this effort by the government many Americans who are eligible for this plan fail to take full advantage of them. This chapter mentions about how to help this case. It offers two suggestions, one, is automatic enrolment in saving plans and secondly is the save more for tomorrow program.
Automatic enrolment has been put into the lime light since it offers a platform whereby the eligible employees make decisions on their savings. This is a saving plan which was adopted by most organizations to enrol a number of employees into the plan. Here workers are supposed to fill a form upon employment and get enrolled automatically into the plan.s


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