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Weapons of  Mass Destruction (WMD) PowerPoint Briefing


You are asked to perform a briefing to the mayor and her staff on the following situation below. Compose a minimum of ten slides to address the following situation:

At approximately 9:15 pm, on the 11th of September in Orange Beach, Alabama (Temp 71 oF, cloudy with calm winds), there is a 9-1-1 report that the movie theater in town that is packed to capacity to see the new adventure movie has had three explosions. The first explosion involved an explosion with a flash and loud bang resulting in a fine mist being released on the movie goers. As the movie goers were frantically leaving through the exits, two more explosions went off at each exit with another flash and loud bang but no physical shrapnel or other reports of physical damage to the theater.

Several days ago, it was reported by the news that the mayor’s office received a threat of a terrorist organization planning on releasing a biological agent in the town. According to reports at the movie theater, four used canisters marked Yersinia pestis were found in the location of the secondary bombs.

As you are traveling to the scene you hear reports of patrons convulsing in the parking lot of the theater; they are unable to control their muscles and other bodily functions and are twitching uncontrollably.

  • Based on the cryptic details, what category of WMD weapon(s) was released on the crowd?
  • What is the potential outcome of being exposed to these WMD agents?
  • In what capacity will your organization of first responders be able to help (e.g. decontamination, weapon identification, first aid, etc.)?
  • What risk-based response procedures need to be taken to stabilize the scene and prevent further exposure to the WMD agents?

Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.










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