Performance Measures
In healthcare, the terms “balanced scorecard” and a “dashboard” are used to describe performance measurement tools that are broad in scope but summarized in a few key indicators. In this assignment, you will create a specific dashboard for an operating Week of a healthcare organization.
Select and describe a specific healthcare operating Week. Examples are an emergency department, a surgical service, a specific nursing Week, and a physician’s office practice. Select a type of healthcare service you are familiar with.
Locate at least three recent (within the past four years) journal articles from professional and peer-reviewed journals that discuss dashboard, balanced scorecard, or performance measurement. Write a brief review of the articles, giving complete citations.
On the basis of the literature review and your knowledge of the Week, create four categories of measurement. They must include both clinical and financial categories. Describe the categories and write a justification for each.
For each category, create at least three specific performance measures. For each measure, describe how it is calculated and where the data can be found.
Explain how the performance measures may change if the Week of analysis is the organization as a whole and not the specific operating Week.