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Should members, who have a negative attitude, be placed with members who are positive? Why or why not?

You are in charge of developing a team-building activity to improve collaboration and increased communication for your team members. You are the newly promoted manager. Your department is closing for the day so you have four hours together in a team environment. Review the following details of team members:

  • Rosanna (46) and Mary (20) are two staff members who do not get along. Rosanna is quiet and a loner. Mary is outspoken, and talks about her personal life to friends.
  • Cindy, (35), and Lolita, (40), are part-time staff. They are stressed due to economy. They interact with full time staff, but full time staff think they complain too much and shouldn’t because they are part time
  • Chip is a twenty-three-year-old maintenance worker who works part-time job at night, in addition to full-time role. He is often tired.
  • Samir is fifty-five, works full-time, and cannot wait until retirement.
  • Sarah (52) is a negative department manager who complains. She is a strong informal leader and has influence over the group.
  • Jerry is twenty-four and in graduate school. He has a positive attitude and is not motivated because no one likes to work together.
You need to divide the team into three groups. Remember this is a team-building activity.
  • How will you make the determination which members to put together?
  • Should members, who have a negative attitude, be placed with members who are positive? Why or why not?
  • How will a negative manager affect the overall group dynamic as opposed to a positive leader who wants to see the team develop?
  • How influential can an informal leader be among team members?
  • What barriers to effective teamwork can you anticipate and how will it be addressed?

Submission Details:

  • Your presentation should consist of 12–15 professional color Microsoft PowerPoint slides (not including the title and reference slide) along with detailed speaker notes to include examples to support each slide.
  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format
  • Present the additional information in the Notes section.


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