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Small Case Study

Small Case Study. 1. Use your favorite Web search engine or your library to search for information about selling on Amazon Marketplace and eBay Stores. Based on your research, compare these two options for Betty’s online sales of figurines. Include relevant facts, including specific costs of operating each type of store and specific benefits provided by each option.

2. Using what you have learned in this chapter, outline a general social networking strategy that Betty could use to increase online sales of figurines that would work for either of the Amazon Marketplace or eBay Stores options. Be sure to consider including a Web site in your strategy that would be separate from the Betty’s Treasures Amazon Marketplace or eBay Store presence.

3. Visit the Etsy Web site and search online or in your library for information about selling on that site. Based on your research, evaluate Betty’s potential use of that site to make online sales of the handcrafted items she sells that are made by local artisans.

4. Both Etsy and the We Love Etsy Web sites include social networking features that could help Betty’s Treasures become better known online. Identify specific ways in which Betty could use those features on both sites to increase the store’s sales and develop a plan that includes them.

Small Case Study


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