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Anthropologists have made numerous contributions to the study of sex, gender, and inequality, as you saw in chapter 12. The National Geographic documentary video, “India’s Third Gender Movement” and the VICE video “Mexico’s Third Gender” take a closer look at societies with more than two genders and the level of acceptance in those societies. Choose one and answer the following questions.




When you are done watching the video answer the following questions by referring to specific information from the video when appropriate, NOT other sources:

What is the difference between sex and gender?

According to the video, why does the society featured have more than one gender, and does it improve the lives of non-binary individuals in those societies?

How many genders do you think our society has?


Your answers should be around 300 words long, not including the questions, and use details from the film and terms from the book.


Terms from the book:


Political anthropology

Free agency








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