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Socialization process for the new nurse essay

Socialization process for the new nurse essay
What is the socialization process for the new nurse – is their lived experienced what you expected to find?
Where are you in your socialization process?
After completing your required readings, consider the socialization processes you experienced as a student nurse and as a new graduate. Using one of the models for socialization that Black describes, identify where you think you are today in your socialization process and what that means in your professional growth. You are now ‘set’ for discovery! Socialization process for the new nurse essay.
Interview a new nurse:
Since many of you have been nurses for quite some time, it’s important for us to also know the reality of the socialization process for our new nurses. Your Socialization process for the new nurse essay assignment this week is to interview a new nurse (someone who graduated less than 2 years ago) about their socialization process to nursing.)
APA citation and references required! Socialization process for the new nurse essay


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