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Sociology homework help

we are discussing what it takes to be successful in the work setting. In the lecture materials we discussed the various pieces of managing your professional image. Some things are under your control, others are not.
Part 1 (of 2):
For this week’s post, identify two people you know who are successful professionally. You could consider: people you work with, former employers, mentors, acquaintances, etc. (Don’t forget that this is an opportunity to build that professional network!) Interview them informally to find out what makes them successful. Specifically, ask them:
1) When you were starting out, what was something you wish you had done to better manage your image within the company?
2) How did you manage your image within the company when you were starting out?
3) How has that evolved as you have grown in your position?
Part 2:
What is your take home message? What best practices will you put in place? What elements from the lecture materials did you hear in their stories?


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