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Sport Management Analysis (Los Angeles Rams)

Sport Management Analysis (Los Angeles Rams).


Culminating Activity (Option #2) : Sport Management Analysis:(Los Angeles Rams)

You will assume that you have been contracted as a management consultant to a sport organization (community, collegiate, Olympic, professional etc…) Note: your present work setting is not appropriate for this assignment. Your task is to conduct a comprehensive background search on the organization and provide a critical analysis of the sport organization regarding the following:

The chosen organization is the Los Angeles Rams.

Internal Environment (management, mission, resources, structure, and systems process)
External Environment (customers, competition, suppliers, workforce, shareholders, society, technology, governments, and economy)
Quality of Service Delivery (summarize and offer suggestions for improvement)
Paper Guidelines:

  1. Title Page
  2. Section One: Mission Statement/Vision Statement

Identify the organization’s mission/vision statement and provide a clear overall identity of the organization.

  1. Section Two: Internal Constituents

Management Structure-What is the management structure (owner, president, vice president, department heads etc.)? Who specifically manages what departments, and what is the chain-of-command within the organization? Provide a structure chart that clearly identifies how the organization is managed. Discuss who is in power, their position, and their length of service.

Resources- What type of resources exist for the organization? Refer to parent/sister companies and how they qualify the funding (tax write off, excess of funds cover the other company or is it a self sustaining organization). Funding streams are also included and should be discussed if they apply (on-line marketplace, independent donations, scheduled fundraisers like golf tournaments and/or philanthropists funding).

Systems Process- What are the current systems process? How does the company function to exist (is this a non-profit or for profit organization)? What are the processes in place to assure its success?

  1. Section Three: External Constituents

Primary Constituents- Who are they? Analyze who are the paying customers (male/female, age, ethnicity, sport alliance) and the retention plans to keep paying customers supporting the organization.

Competition- Identify the competition to the organization and why knowing key facts is helpful to the companies success (or failure). List the suppliers to the organization that provide product (in-kind or support in other mediums like IT) .

Workforce- Who does this include? What role does the ordinary employee play in the big picture of the organization?

Technology- This is key!! Identify and discuss the different technology platforms in use and how each one contributes to the success of the organization (i.e. increase ticket sales, provide more marketplace purchasing, brings awareness to the overall brand).

  1. Section Four: Quality of Service Delivery

In regards to service delivery, what areas are consistently on target? Which areas need improvement? Be sure to list reasons why improvement is needed.

  1. Section Five: Conclusion and Application

Provide an overall analysis of the sport organization including a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) and what you would suggest/recommend for success.

  1. Section Five: References

Provide a minimum of six references that you referred to throughout your paper.

***For websites, follow this APA format.

Name of website (date). Title of the page where information was located. Retrieved from: provide URL

The textbook is the 5th edition of “Contemporary Sport Management’ by Paul Pederson and has to use that for reference.

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Sport Management Analysis (Los Angeles Rams)


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