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State one preventable disease

Introduction (1 paragraph): The introduction should be interesting and capture the reader’s attention.
State one preventable disease your adult participant is at risk for developing (obesity), based on the information you have gathered during this course.
Introduce one modifiable risk factor (diet, sedentary lifestyle.) associated with the preventable disease you described.
Clearly state the purpose of your paper. The purpose statement should relate to developing a patient teaching plan.
Preventable Disease Overview (1-2 paragraphs): Please use course materials and scholarly sources to complete this section. Be sure to paraphrase and include citations as needed!
Describe briefly the preventable disease you identified in the introduction.
What are the signs and symptoms associated with this disease?
How is it diagnosed? Notable information from Health History and General Survey? Signs and symptoms? Risk assessments? Lab values? Weight gain, depression due to the weight gain
What physical assessment findings would be associated with this disease? Weight gain
How did you identify your adult participant’s risk for this disease? He verbalized it and it was observed that he gained weight.

Specific information gathered in the Genetic Family History?

Specific information gathered in the Milestone 1 assignment?

Evidence Based Intervention (1-2 paragraphs):

Choose and describe one evidence based intervention related to the modifiable risk factor you have chosen. (One that has been shown to be effective at reducing an individual’s risk for developing the preventable disease.)

Describe this intervention in detail, and provide rationale for your intervention utilizing:

At least one scholarly peer-reviewed journal article. Go to the Chamberlain library at http:/

(Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

. Search peer reviewed journals to find a scholarly article that discusses interventions associated with the modifiable risk factor you have chosen as the focus of your paper. Summarize what you learned from this article and cite the source in the text and reference page (Author, year). The article must be less than 10 years old. You may include and cite your textbook or other scholarly sources as well, but they do not count as the scholarly journal article.

You must summarize and analyze the information from your sources in your own words. Avoid direct quotations. If you do include a short quotation, be sure to cite it properly.

List short and long term goals you have for your participant related to this intervention.

Implementation: Teaching Plan (1-2 paragraphs):

Discuss in this section what methods you will use to teach your participant how to implement the intervention.

What is it that you are asking them to do? (For example, if your intervention is “quit smoking”, what specific steps will you recommend your participant take to achieve this goal?)

Describe any resources you would provide to the participant to help them understand and be successful (websites, community services, handouts, etc.).

Evaluation (1 paragraph):

Describe at least one method (weight, lab values, etc.) you would use to evaluate whether your intervention was effective.

How would you revise you plan if it proved to be unsuccessful?

Summary (1 paragraph):

Summarize the main points of your paper.

Reiterate what you hope to accomplish by implementing this intervention.

End with a concluding statement.

Reference Page:

The Reference Page should start on a new page (insert a page break).

All references should be cited within the body of the paper as (Author, year) and the full reference should be included in APA format on the reference page.

A URL link alone is not an adequate reference.

See the Chamberlain Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers in Course Resources for examples of properly formatted references.


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