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Supporting Health Behavior Change

Supporting Health Behavior ChangeAssignment Instructions and Grading Rubric

Short Paper: Supporting Health Behavior Change
Many factors combine to influence individual and population health. Individual health behaviors significantly impact overall health. Health behaviors contribute significantly to population health (Booske, Athens, Kindig, Park, & Remington, 2010). Despite knowledge of the compelling evidence of the benefits, actually changing one’s health behaviors can be a more complex and challenging process than imagined.
Poly Ryan proposed the Integrated Theory of Health Behavior Change (ITHBC) that purports “health behavior change can be enhanced by fostering knowledge and beliefs, increasing self-regulation skills and abilities, and enhancing social facilitation” (Ryan, 2009, p. 165). Read this article to gain a better understanding of the factors that facilitate health behavior change.
For this assignment, you will select ONE health behavior change that can positively impact population health in general. The health behavior does not necessarily relate to your CHA or CHIP health concern or population. You may want to select a health behavior change that you have considered making yourself.
Submit a brief paper (2 pages, in APA format) that addresses the following:
· Describe the targeted health behavior, and summarize the impact of that health behavior on chronic conditions.
· Summarize the ITHBC and describe how it can be used to facilitate health behavior change.
· Design at least two specific interventions to support health behavior change that reflect the ITHBC (or critique two existing programs or interventions using the standards of the ITHBC).
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Booske, B. C., Athen, J. K., Kindig, D. A., Park, H., & Remington, P. L. (2010). Different perspectives for assigning weights to determinants of health. [white paper]. Retrieved from
Ryan, P. (2009). Integrated theory of health behavior change: Background and intervention development. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 23(3), 161-172. doi: 10.1097/NUR.0b013e3181a42373
Grading Rubric: Short Paper

Criteria Ratings
Understanding of health behavior, impact on health, and theory of health behavior change Narrative demonstrates understanding of concepts of determinants of health and theory of health behavior change; information cited from reliable sources =40 Description of concepts lacks accuracy or clarity or extensive use of quotations = 25 Minimal description of concepts; sources are not adequately cited and/or are not reliable =10
Application of Integrated Theory of Health Behavior Change to facilitate health behavior changes. Examples of health behavior change interventions clearly reflect the concepts introduced in the ITHBC = 50 Health behavior change interventions described, but with little explanation of how interventions reflect the ITHBC = 30 Minimal or missing description or application = 10
Application of APA and Scholarly Writing Follows APA style and format with rare and minor exceptions; scholarly and objective writing = 10 APA and writing have a few mistakes OR body of paper exceeds 3 pages = 5 More than a few APA errors; OR body of paper exceeds 4 pages =0
Possible Points = 100


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