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The clear understanding of the healthcare system

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The clear understanding of the healthcare system at the local level is very important to be considered, during the planning of an evidence-based practice implementation, due to the following reasons among others. One is for the obvious reason that the right resources, leadership and, the easy access to the required data and information are critical, in the determination of whether the health organization in question is ready or not for the adoption of the new practices. These factors are critical, as they do influence the delivery of evidence-based practice. The other is for the purposes of an integrated model of treatment in the community’s health systems. The clear understanding of local level healthcare systems also does identify any factors that may hinder or facilitate the expected changes.
There is also the need to ensure that each intervention will fit into the local level set well, and there will be no need for any unnecessary force implementation strategies that will be used so as to ensure the effectiveness of the interventions (Gill Harvey, Alison Kitson, 2015). Also, the intervention has to feasible when brought to the local level. The clear understanding of the healthcare system at the local level will also aid in the drafting of a local based intervention strategic package.
The evidence-based practice pre-implementation will also be easy as it will fit the local setting and the local community may be brought on board to ensure its successful implementation. The required technical assistance will also be identified early and planned for early on in advance, all to ensure a flawless implementation of the evidence-based practice at the local level (Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk, Ellen Fineout-Overholt, 2011). There will also be an appropriate way for the evaluation of the local base evidence-based practice; any challenges experienced like under or overstaffing at some departments will be well addressed, so as to ensure the complete and successful implementation of the evidence-based practice.


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