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Theology Analysis

Theology Analysis.


very open essay
write as if you are catholic
add more sources if u like

According to a recent Pew study, religion continues to decline in North America as technology and science continue to rise prominently in higher education. Yet, we have spent the semester examining some fundamental principles of religion and the significance of religious values for areas of concern today. Should religion be marginalized or rejected in favor of science and technology? Do we need to find new ways to teach religion and embody religious values and ideals? Do we need a rebirth of religion for a world of change? Your paper should provide a reasonable discussion on a particular topic that essentially argues for why faith, reason and culture are related and belong together.

I will be looking for thoughtful papers with: substantive content, reasonable, that is, logical argument; reliable sources. Endnotes and bibliography are required according to the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition).

Choose one important area of cultural concern and analyze it according to the following:

  • What are the main problems or concerns?
  • What does religion offer that science does not or cannot?
  • What values are needed to alleviate the problem?
  • What are some concrete religious practices to resolve the problem and turn it into a solution or a positive development?
  • What will you personally do to contribute to a positive outcome or solution?

Your answer should draw from the following:

  • class discussions
  • class readings
  • weekly papers
  • presentations
  • outside sources should be used when relevant

Your paper should be:

  • 3000 words
  • double spaced (times roman, 12 point font)
  • Endnotes (Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition)
  • Bibliography

Areas to Consider:

  • immigration
  • gender rights
  • global warming
  • racism
  • clean water
  • ethnic cleansing
  • worker’s rights
  • the poverty gap
  • consumerism
  • inner-city violence
  • violence against women
  • loneliness and social media

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Theology Analysis


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