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Title: Hobart Corporation Analysis

Title: Hobart Corporation Analysis.

Due Saturday 10/30/16 at Noon PST

Assignment Instructions

Title: Hobart Corporation

Four Short Analysis Papers will be due Weeks  5,  Sunday midnight (please upload to your student folder). Papers should be 1 to 2- pages with both an additional cover page and a references page. With a short paper, it is especially important to focus on answering the essay topic with clarity and conciseness. Your analysis should demonstrate an understanding of the topic as it is covered in the week’s text readings. Turnitin will be used to check for originality

Read “Hobart Corporation” on pages 282-283 in the course text. (see below these instructions for reading content)

Using the internet, search for articles that give examples of Hobart Corporation’s strategic market management. Search for recent articles describing the strategies and their results:

1. Prepare a Strategic plan for Hobart Corporation as discussed on page 282. Consider both internal and external analysis in preparing your plan. Identify Hobart’s SCA and its branding equity

2. Discuss the strategic goals and methods for this firm applying information that you identified in your library research. Consider the discussion questions on page 283 in preparing your response.

3. Cite the source and the edition of the periodicals that you have referred to for this assignment.

Deliverables and format:
Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document.
Length: 1-2 pages
Font: Courier or New Times Roman: 12
Line Spacing: Double



CITATION for assignment reading material below: Aaker, D. A. (2013-10-11). Strategic Market Management, 10th Edition. [Vital Source Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from



Strategic Repositioning



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Title: Hobart Corporation Analysis


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