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Topoisomerism And P53

Topoisomerism And P53.

Part B of the exam (50%)

We assist scientist who want to prove that Topoisomerase-I and p53 interact. They charged us to find the appropriate techniques to do so. Our responsibilities are to give the name of the procedure and outline the process. It will include a short summary of all of the methods with their purpose and the expected results in case their hypothesis is true.


For example:

I suggest the following methodology to prove that Topo-I and p53 interact. In brief, the following methods need to be used in order to express the proteins and use them in a co-immunoprecipitation reaction. You can find the information in the table I have included below.


Please, follow the link that includes a sample of how your table will look like:


Please, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Topoisomerism And P53


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