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Transtheoretical  Model

In five (minimum) to six pages (maximum), using the Transtheoretical  Model, describe in detail how you would go about implementing some type  of behavior change.  Real examples work the best; however, if you do not  have one, you can create a scenario.  Please note, if you do not either  use an example or create a scenario, then the assignment is less  applicable to a real-world situation and this could affect your grade.
Explain why the change is needed/why you want or need to change this  behavior, the steps (in detail) for ultimately changing this behavior,  the intended result, and how the intended result would be an improvement  over the original behavior.
You must answer all parts of the question with  no errors to receive full credit.  Use APA format, double-space,  include a title page, page numbers on the top right corner, and please  use correct spelling and grammar.
Answer the following in the paper:
Description of implementation of behavior change
Why change is needed?/Why you want or need to change this behavior?
Transtheoretical model steps in detail for ultimately changing the behavior
What is the intended result? How the intended result would be an improvement over the original behavior?


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