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NOTE The length/word requirement listed on my listing is not 100% accurate. The word/slide count is not specified in the instructions. As long as all topics and prompts from the instructions are addressed thoroughly, the word/slide count is not supercritical. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

RATIONALE FOR ASSIGNMENT: The semester culminates in this assignment, a synthesis activity that combines elements from all of your previous six modules. It includes a major business behavioral model, personal essay material and formal business research data. It uses the organizational structure of critical analysis to construct an effective visual presentation.

PURPOSES: To plan to maximize your future success as a professional business writer and manager or administrator by (1) determining the managerial functions necessary to your idea future job in your ideal company (2) comparing the demands of a top management position with your SWOTs, (3) applying those SWOTs to an appropriate leadership model, (4) preparing a striking and informative visual presentation explaining #1-3 and (5) using business professional style, parallel structure, and APA documentation appropriately

GENRE: Visual Presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, video, screencast or similar)

AUDIENCE: immediate audience: yourself and your employer. Future audience: your ideal employer and future subordinates as described in the research paper.

TONE: Business standard. If unsure about this, see “Tone in Business Writing”

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