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What additions/revisions would you anticipate making to your plan of care?

Your home health agency has received an order from a local hospital to evaluate and treat an elderly woman being discharged from its medical surgical unit.
Millie Gardner, an 83-year-old female patient, is being discharged home today to the care of her husband Fred (87 years old) following a 9-day hospitalization for pneumonia, dehydration, and failure to thrive. She has a history of hypertension (HTN), Type II Diabetes, and cerebral vascular accident (CVA) with left-sided weakness. Patient is alert and oriented but does have periods of forgetfulness during the overnight hours. Patient has intermittent incontinence of bowel and bladder and requires assistance with all activities of daily living (ADLs).
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Upon arrival you are greeted by Champ, the couple’s rambunctious miniature Doberman pinscher dog. Millie is in her wheelchair staring blankly out the window, and Fred is busy in the kitchen preparing the couple’s lunch.
Based on the scenario above, please use the general survey process to describe the areas that you would be observing immediately upon entry to the home.
What, if any, concerns related to Millie’s skin and nutritional status do you have?
What nursing interventions will you include in the plan of care to address these concerns?
What teaching strategies will you use to educate Millie and Fred on the new medications?
Using the SBAR, please include the information that you will communicate to the physician’s office at the completion of the visit.
During a follow up visit, a strong smell of urine is apparent when assessing Millie and you notice that she seems a bit more restless than usual. When questioned, Millie reports feeling discomfort in her tailbone area. You suspect that Millie may be experiencing some skin breakdown.
What would you do next?
What additions/revisions would you anticipate making to your plan of care?


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