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What are some policy implications or benefits for having a Survelliance System in place?


The link provided will take you to a case study on Salmonella in the Caribbean. While reading through this interactive presentation, answer the posted questions throughout, noting the correct answers, so you may formulate responses to the following questions for homework. Responses should be in your own words and with your own thoughts and opinions.
1. Explain why this is considered to be a case-control study? Include in your answer, who were the cases, and how many were used for the study? Who were the controls, why were they used, and how many were in the study? (3 pts)
2. What were the steps they used to explore the problem? In your assessment, what could some of the potential bias issues be, and how might they control for these? (3 pts)
3. If you discuss the association between exposure and disease for this situation, what conclusions did the investigators draw, and why? Use depth and specificity in your response. (2 pts)
4. What measure do investigators use to determine association for case-control studies? Explain what it may tell you? (2 pts)
5. Did their conclusions change when the researchers investigated the problem in various countries of the Caribbean? (2 pts)
6. What are some policy implications or benefits for having a Survelliance System in place? What are some pertinent qualifications of an effective Survellience System? (3 pts)
Please remember to number your responses appropriately.


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