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What did you learn from implementing the strategy?

This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to better understand psychological skills and their impact by giving you firsthand experience with applying mental training strategies.  In order to complete the assignment, you will pick one psychological skills strategy (ex: self-talk, oal setting, mindfulness meditation, imagery), use credible resources to create a plan for implementing it, implement it, and reflect on your experience (note: you must implement the strategy for at least 2 weeks).  You will write a 1-2 page report of your experience including the following sections in the report: 1) psychological skills strategy and purpose, 2) implementation plan, 3) reflection (What was your experience like? What impact did the strategy have? What did you learn from implementing the strategy?), and 4) resource list (in APA format). Reports will be submitted in Canvas and your experiences will be discussed in class on the day that the assignment is due.

I attached  a very detailed rough draft. Just need to find sources, put in APA format, and follow the instructions by the professor.

I need to present this so I need a layout for my presentation. Here are the instructions.

For the presentation:

· It should be around 30 minutes or so (40 min max)

o Don’t worry! It may seem like a lot, but this includes the actual activity as well and some discussion

· Provide background on the athlete

· Conduct your skill presented to your athlete on the class (i.e., do the session)

o If you conducted multiple sessions, only choose one (but explain the others)

o If your session took more than 40 minutes, shorten it a bit (give us a preview)

· Provide your reflection (i.e., thoughts, feelings) and any future directions

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