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What  did you learn from these videos?  What are your thoughts?  Support your  answers through the use of peer reviewed scholarly sources from  MedLine, Ebsco, Proquest, and/or Google Scholar

APA 6th Edition formatting guidelines 1. 2.

Journal Entries (Assignments)

Journal Entry assignment One requirement for HPRS 1303:  End of Life Issues class is  that students keep a reflective journal summarizing what they have  learned from each assignment and subsequent discussion.   The Journal Entries provide a way for students to make personal  connections to the material and to apply the concepts they have learned.   Journal entries should be written in a well-developed paragraph rather  than just a phrase.  (please list the references even if it is the videos links)   This is the rubric that I will be using to grade all journal entries (assignments) throughout the semester: APA Journal Entries (Assignments) Rubric Score _____/50 ____ (5) In-text citations include necessary info in parentheses after borrowed material ____ (5) References per APA ____ (5) Grammar and spelling ____ (35) Application of three or more concepts from the learned material]]>


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