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What do we mean by, art is a sensory experience?

 In popular music, a bridge is included, usually after the second verse. The bridge is an instrumental section. It is followed by a third verse or the chorus.

Find a piece of music (popular music is fine) and, using the timer in YouTube, tell us where each verse, chorus, and bridge begins. Discuss how well the bridge works and why you think it is included in popular music but not during the Baroque.

DISCUSSION 2  100 words count


What do we mean by, art is a sensory experience? How does this relate to craft or the practical art of writing? Can you describe a sensory reading experience you have had in your life?

DISCUSSION 3 100 word count

Writing from a place of visual, mental focus….Explain what it means to be visual. Why are images so key to writing? Do you ever think in images? Why or why not? How does focus come into play



Stress, Health, and Anxiety Disorders

Proceed with this week’s Discussion by locating one credible source to answer the following question.

According to the psychological perspective and research, how can early childhood stressful experiences (e.g., neglect, abuse, or lack of a secure attachment) influence the developmental of behavioral problems?

Next, referring directly to the textbook, briefly explain all three elements of the Integrated model.

Last, select one form of an anxiety disorder and explain how one of the elements of the integrated model can be used to explain the origins of that disorder. Anxiety disorders to choose from include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety phobia, specific phobia, separation anxiety disorder, selective mutism, and agoraphobia.

The strongest answer will refer to the textbook and concepts from the Reading material Essential of Abnormal psychology


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