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What do you think about the use of other possible treatments such as Ketamine or magnetic therapy?

350 words

Minimum of 1 peer-reviewed journal article for initial post (other than the articles listed in this activity)


In middle and late childhood, Piaget theorized humans follow certain patterns in relation to cognitive development. Today, we question so many of our structures. Does Piaget stand up to modern psychological practices? Did Piaget take into account variation and children with disabilities? Does today’s modern classroom have room for Piaget?

Question 2

YouTube videos: Jenny’s ECT Diary:

Link (video): Electroconvulsive Therapy Day 1

Link (video): Electroconvulsive Therapy Day 2

Link (video): Electroconvulsive Therapy Day 3 and What Is ECT?

Link (video): Electroconvulsive Therapy Day 4

Link (video): Electroconvulsive Therapy Day 5,6,& 7

Link (video): ECT 3 Month Update

Link (video): ECT 6 Month Update

Link (video): ECT One Year Review

Link (video): ECT 15 Month Update

Link (video): ECT 18 Month Update

Link (video): ECT 30 Month Update


When people think about treatment for depression, mood disorders, anxiety, and psychosis, they most often think about therapy or medication as options. However, there are several other options, many of which are quite controversial such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), magnetic therapy, and Ketamine. The research on these treatments is mixed, but many believe that they hold promise in the treatment of severe and persistent mental illness that has remained unchanged with more traditional treatment.

Initial Post Instructions

After reading/watching the resources for this week’s discussion, answer the following questions.

Many people tend to think of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) as a barbaric, outdated treatment for mental illness, although some research and personal accounts tout its success. After reading the research on ECT and watching the YouTube videos about Jenny’s experience with ECT, what is your opinion about ECT in the treatment of depression and other mental health disorders?

What do you think about the use of other possible treatments such as Ketamine or magnetic therapy?

In general, what is your opinion on medication vs. therapy for the treatment of mood, anxiety, and psychotic disorders? Should therapy always be the first option before trying medication? What about less invasive holistic therapies such as modifications to one’s diet, meditation, or intentional exercise?

Make sure to cite at least one of the resources listed in this activity in your initial post.


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