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What does it mean to say that the human body is 90% prokaryotic?

Ch.1 Discussion topics.

  1. What does it mean to say that the human body is 90% prokaryotic?
  2. Can you develop a scientific hypothesis and means of testing the cause of stomach ulcers? (Are they caused by an infection? By too much acid? By a genetic disorder?)

• Your original thread on the specific topic and reference article must follow the questions provided to you by your Professor (you must follow a minimum of one question).
• Respond (follow-up) to three other student/s posting using 25 or more words to receive credit (up to 1 point each).
• Your response should include additional research information from within the posted/referenced article or from another article or source. You must include more than just a general statement or an opinion to receive full credit.
• Proper English is required (wording, comas, complete sentences, etc…).
• Your “Research Summary” and “Response (follow-up)” postings must be completed one day before the due date for the Lesson Test to receive credit.
• If you would like to receive a passing grade for each discussion you have to:
– Create your original thread/postings (5 points)
– Respond to minimum of three postings on your classmates’ discussion board (3 points).
Additionally you’ll receive 2 points for posting all your threads on separate days and one day before the due date for the particular Discussion.


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