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Why is color vision important in primate species?

Why is color vision important in primate species? Name two advantages of having color vision. Name one exampleof a primate that displays colors and why they do so.
2. Define bipedalism. Name two specific ways the human body has evolved/changed because of bipedalism (include the body part AND how that body structure changed).
3. Name one Miocene hominoid discussed in Chapter 9. For this hominoid state: a) where the hominoid is from; b) when the hominoid live; c) name two physical characteristics of the hominoid.
4. Name two characteristics of placental mammals and provide one cost and one benefit of each characteristic.
5.  What is behavioral ecology? Name one example from the book, lecture, film, or YouTube clips that demonstrate the concept.
6.  What specific part of the human brain is enlarged? Name and briefly explain the two hypotheses that explain why this enlargement may have evolved. Provide one example of each behavior/hypothesis from the movie, Clever Monkey.
7. What is the difference between the suborders Strepsirrhini and Haplorrhini? Provide one physical trait of each that is not related to their nose. Name one species from each. Which suborder is the most primitive?
8. Name one primate discussed in the case studies in Chapter 6. For the species: a)state where in the world they are from; b) one aspect about their social behavior (e.g. social group, male or female dominant); c)their mode of locomotion; and d) one aspect of their anatomy.
9. What is the difference between relative dating and chronometric dating? Provide one example of each. YOUR EXAMPLES MUST BE FROM THE BOOK AND NOT DISCUSSED IN LECTURE.
10. Name two hypotheses of why primates evolved during the Eocene. Briefly describe each hypothesis.


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