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Respond to the following

“Wilson mentions that there are various notions between Human rights and justice in township courts that emphasizes on retribution within society and law. Forgiveness and reconciliation are one of their connections. The example given in the article about the police officer who was present during the torture and murder of a man is apologizing to the daughter and widow wife, however, the wife does not forgive. Instead, a relative forgives, but will not forget. Forgiving comes along the lines of trying to forget and move forward, but they do not go hand in hand. If you cannot forget, it’s difficult to forgive. TRC was ordered to investigate the violation of human rights that are defined as abduction, killing, torture, or severe ill-treatment of any person. Everyone’s view of justice may differ from one court to another and will take a long time to get the justice they want. TRC was taking statements and educating the townships on human rights after investigating the violation. Although, it is difficult for victims who faced trauma to speak up or report the crime, TRC is encouraging the victims to tell their stories to the world. Many of those victims don’t have faith in the system and believe the suspect won’t get the right punishment they deserve. The Bijl park police station was consistently torturing criminals for many years, but later only four police officers were suspended for torturing 30 prisoners. The courts in the township emphasize punishment  and retribution, but it wasn’t shown in the case involving the police officers. Relying on the system is a disadvantage and causes disconnection between law and society. TRC officials were mainly concentrated on forgiveness that victims were told they should have little expectations throughout the process of justice in courts, which isn’t reasonable unless there is a right form of punishment given to the suspect. This is also the reason why societies start to take laws into their own hands.”

You may use the article attached to respond.


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