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Writing a plan to improve an organization

Writing a plan to improve an organization.

The company from last week (Sephora) has hired you to reorganize a department within their company based on your Executive Summary. (You may also choose a department of a company you are familiar with from previous experience.) Investigate the department more thoroughly and write a plan to improve the department. Recommend actions and next steps. Include a system to list and quantitatively score competing alternative solutions. One example may be a table that lists all of the recommended actions in one column, with additional ‘expected results’ and ‘grade’ columns. In the grade column you can assign a number to how you think each potential action may meet the expected result and include this summary in your plan.

Write an email to the company CEO briefly describing your findings in the department and your plan of action. Also, write a draft email that the CEO can send out to employees to gain their buy-in for the changes ahead. (Remember, you want the email brief and the receiver to read it.)

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Writing a plan to improve an organization


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